The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons – Public service advisory:

Public service advisory:
As you may have seen, my ACR Artex PLB has become a big part of the safety gear I carry every day, whether on our boat, kayak or just remote outings.
Out of habit I just toss my PFD, with PLB attached into my bag while I travel to locations. When I arrived in Florida on our recent trip my PLB (personal Locator beacon) was gone. One of three things may have happened.
1. Fell from bag and pfd during TSA inspection
2. Stolen
3. Taken by TSA during inspection. Though the battery size is small enough to allow it to be checked I think this is the most likely.
TSA is not required to leave a note telling you they removed an item. So may never know.
You are required to register a PLB, which I have now unregistered. So if stolen, and anyone tries to register we will be notified.
From now on I will put my PLB in my carry on bag and I suggest others do the same. I have already ordered a new unit because I feel it is a mandatory piece of safety gear. Photo for your attention so you can see it attached to PFD
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