By far, this was the hardest Channel Crossing I have done.

Picture of man just finishing the Channel crossing wearing a shelta sun hat
Heartfelt Repost from @dannynichols13

By far, this was the hardest Channel Crossing I have done. Mother Nature had plans to challenge us early and adversity set in with a 10-15 knot headwind less than 20 minutes into the 32 mile journey from Catalina to Huntington Beach Pier. For the first 13 miles we had to deal with oncoming wind-swell, reverb off the island, cross chop, cross swell and boat wake. Not only was it hard to maintain balance standing, you couldn’t get a cadence or hold a line. It was so unorganized, It was demoralizing!! I gave up 4 times during the first 13 miles, I was done and went dark early. Questioning everything in my life, the only thing I could do to stop the pain in that moment was quit. Thank God for the people who care about you, they always seem to show up in the right moment to give you the encouragement you need to carry on. @morganhoesterey paddled up next to me, like a ray of light, she helped me see my shadow for what it was, just a moment in time that will pass. Her words were not light and fluffy though, haha. If I quit, that will be the only thing I remember, there will be no sense of accomplishment when I touch the shore. If I were to get on any boat, it would be her canoe and she would take over on my SUP. It was was I needed to hear to become present, focus on one paddle stroke at a time, and enjoy her company, quietly suffering together.

Reflecting back, I am so grateful for the people in my life who have been there for me and have shared their experience to help me grow. The sense of accomplishment I have right now gives me the confidence I need to move forward, with perspective that life really is like a channel crossing, you have no control over the elements, you have to surrender and except certain things for what they are. Your attitude and actions are the only things you can control, and the importance that people need each other to heal and grow. We do not have to do this on our own.

Thank you to everyone involved in @beopenwater that has helped create what it is today. I am honored to be a part of this amazing community of individuals ??


Proud to be a sponsor of The Rusty Anchors Channel Crossing

Picure of flyer with the open water team wearing a shelta sun hat in orange
Proud to be a sponsor of The Rusty Anchors Channel Crossing

32 miles across the sea from Catalina Island, to Huntington Beach, Ca.

This crossing is how we honor Veterans Day and continue to bring awareness to the mental health issues faced by our Nation’s Veterans and First Responders.

Our participants are presented with a unique endurance challenge, paddling across the open ocean, an 8-10 hour mission that promotes teamwork, builds camaraderie, and tests the mental fortitude of those who wish to complete the entire distance.

Our hope is that the self-discovery made during this crossing provides a solid analogue for real world challenges and the ability to overcome them.