Chris Lang reviewed Shelta Hats

Finally a hat that can do it..especially in the wind. Even got my wife to wear a hat out on the water, boat and beach which is unheard of. Never saw that coming. Outstanding customer service!!! Could not be happier for shade and sun protection in all of my activities.

Michael Skelly reviewed Shelta Hats

Thank you Jurgen for making the best water hat I have ever worn! Been paddling and surfing in the osprey and the seahawk this past month at home and in Kauai. Light weight, comfortable, does not flap or blow off in the wind.
Michael Skelly
Hobie SUP Ambassador

Bubba Brown reviewed Shelta Hats

I’ve used a similar hat for years, but the one activity they’ve all failed at is where this hat SHINES!!! Gathering cattle on my quad, usually folds the front brim up against the crown. This new hat sure takes care of that problem!!! What a great innovation applied to an old trusted type of headwear!!! I’m duly impressed!!!

David Mason reviewed Shelta Hats

Gobsmackingly good!

I bought a Seahawk and the day after it arrived I was sailing in 30+kts. Not for a moment did I think that the hat was either going to fly away or the brim was going to flop down or up – and it doesn’t cause my head to overheat. There’s absolutely nothing about it not to love…

Thank you for creating the best action hat in the world!

David Mason
Yachtmaster Instructor and Commercial Skipper