We will be donating 100% of the profit of all Limited Edition 24/Shelta hats sold to this noble cause. There is a limited supply and it ends 4/16…. The 2018 Monster & Sea 24hr Paddle: 4/14/18 – 4/15/18.

It seemed natural to do a limited edition collaboration with #the24 event and @monsterandsea , as our roots are in the standup paddle community and our product is centered around cancer prevention. Honored to do what we can to support these humble athletes and their commitment to this worthy cause.#gobecauseyoucan #cancersucks #sheltahats

Shelta’s Sun Hats were just featured in Field and Stream Magazine. 10 ITEMS GUARANTEED TO IMPROVE YOUR NEXT CAMPING TRIP

Shelta Hats featured in Field and Stream Magazine

This is the perfect outdoor hat. Its slick reinforced front brim won’t flop in the wind, and a super-cool one-handed cinch system keeps it on your head even in a gale. There are four styles—two boonie and two low-profile panel hats—with a couple of different brim widths. My favorite is the Griffin, which offers a bit more sun protection than the other models.



Griffin Sun Hats





Chris Lang reviewed Shelta Hats

Finally a hat that can do it..especially in the wind. Even got my wife to wear a hat out on the water, boat and beach which is unheard of. Never saw that coming. Outstanding customer service!!! Could not be happier for shade and sun protection in all of my activities.

Michael Skelly reviewed Shelta Hats

Thank you Jurgen for making the best water hat I have ever worn! Been paddling and surfing in the osprey and the seahawk this past month at home and in Kauai. Light weight, comfortable, does not flap or blow off in the wind.
Michael Skelly
Hobie SUP Ambassador