T1Determined Type 1 Diabetes Run Across America

Hey everyone — I know some of you have been wondering when the run will resume. You may remember we paused in Tarzan, TX at mile 1261. Right now it’s looking like we’ll resume there some time in June, pending public health related matters.

Like a lot of you, I’m antsy to get out and get going again — and special thanks to my sponsors inov-8 All Terrain Running2TomsLED Light VestRockaDe…See More

What is you preferred way to prevent the creepy crawlers and flying teeth from ruining your adventure.

What is you preferred way to prevent the creepy crawlers and flying teeth from ruining your adventure. I prefer clothing sprays with .05% Permethrin. You can buy it commercially or even mix your own. Permethrin is applied as a liquid but binds to fabrics as a powder. It stays there through several wash cycles. It affects the insects neurologically and they rarely make it a few inches across treated fabric before being repelled or killed. Disclaimer read all instructions and precautions for the Permethrin you are using. #repost @coryruthlessrouth #outdoorlife #sunprotection #sheltahatquiver


NZ January 2020

NZ January 2020

Brooky’s famous words ‘it will be a long walk’ turned out to be true. To get to the Chamois 440m away we had to drop back down to the river, climb 800m of elevation, sidle along the tussocks and brave the Spaniards (for those unaware they are plants, and they are sharp). After a couple kilometres to travel 440m we reached him. A 8”+ chamois Buck. We quickly discussed our error regarding him squatting to urinate and wondered how often a decent buck chamois got to escape its pursuers just by taking a squat.
The @robert_herbert R&N blades #helium1 made short work of the little Chamois which, to our amazement, in the time it took us to reach him the meat had started to cook!
The pale meat on the sun exposed side was scorching hot to touch. We feared for its quality and quickly removed the shoulders, tenderloins, back straps and hind quarters. The meat was hung in a bush for as long as possible until it had cooled to the touch. We then bagged it as the blowflies had found us and we placed the meat bags under a shady ledge.
Needing a refuel we joined the meat bags in the shade, removed our boots and socks in the hope of drier boots, and had some lunch. We recalled how true Brooky’s words were regarding the walk and sat in awe of these awesome animals. #repost @precision_defence_industries #noflopbrim#sunhat#sheltahats#huntwithshelta#whenperformancematters#hunting#newzealand#outdoorlife#sunprotection

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