Ok, wore my seahawk sailing my Catalina 25 and swimming yesterday,loved it.


Ok, wore my seahawk sailing my Catalina 25 and swimming yesterday,loved it. Fit is good and one hand adjustment for neck strap is nice. Kept my face and head from getting burnt and is surprisingly light and cool in the sun. Brim stayed put as advertised. I had missed my old tilley hat but this one is better! It’s more comfortable, lighter and protects me from that late afternoon sun on a Texas lake. Exactly what I was looking for.


Early morning glass is the best!

the best sup hat
Early morning glass is the best!

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I can already tell that it is awesome.

This hat just arrived. I can already tell that it is awesome. I’m a
Geologist in Colorado. I spend a lot of time in the field leading
field trips and doing research in SE Colorado, which is a desert at
best with 300+ days of sun. I own several hats, mostly OR, and they
make great hats, but the front brim on this hat is amazing. I can
already tell that this is my new field hat. Years ago I got chemo
vitiligo from sun damage. I’m also a serious snowboarder and I
suffered a severe sunburn at very high altitude that killed my
melanocytes, which create pigment, in a very bad sunburn. Soon after I
lost that pigment on part of may face and have needed hats and a lot
of sunblock ever since. I don’t even need to actually use this hat to
know, it is better that 100% of the sun hats on the market – I already
own them and this better than anything else. I am so f-ing excited
that I found your hats. Somehow I found you through random Google ad
placement, I have no idea how Google does it, but they do, so thank
the Google.

This hat is awesome, period.

Tofer Lewis on Apr 15, 2016

All Conditions :: Totally awesome Lid for all your adventures.

Wear it at the Jazz Fest, wear it surfing overhead waves in Costa Rica at Playa Hermosa, wear it paddling in Alaska or just hiking. This is my favorite hat to grab when going outside even tho I’m a trucker hat guy, this is my go-to for most all my water sport activities. I’m on my third one, got to have some options ha. The brim technology is just as described, after falling in the water after wiping out you can just jump back up and worry about paddling out the impact zone and not if you can see from a floppy hat….does not happen. This is a great design, looks great and protects you from the sun. Thanks guys for such a great product.

Mark Salvetti on Jun 20, 2016